The Galvanised Steel Shed...

I ordered a Yardmaster PEZ galvanised steel shed just big enough to cover the 'scope and allow the shed to be rolled away from the 'scope when the 'scope is 'parked'.

This 'roll-away' is accomplished by opening the shed door and lifting a wooden piece which acts as a seal. With the 'seal' removed, the shed is simply rolled on to the garden patio adjacent to the shed's paving stones.

I assembled the shed and afixed it to a wooden base. The front door floor-piece of the shed has a section cut out of it and the wooden floor has a corresponding U-shaped cut out, to allow for the 'scope's pier.

The shed's wooden base also has runners on its underside, to let it roll fairly freely onto and off of the paving stone base.

The base is shown here, before the shed was built onto it. Note the u-shaped cut-out which is where the pier goes when the shed is rolled over the telescope.

313 shed base showing pier slot & shed-frame

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